Market your franchise the right way.

Determine the message and method of delivery to prospective businesses and individuals.


Advertising and Marketing Services


Some of the ways include media advertising, appearance at business opportunity and trade shows, seminars, direct mail and Internet advertising. You must also create the materials that will contain that message, including advertisements, a franchise brochure or DVD.

We’ll guide your marketing efforts


GMN Franchise Consultancy will develop a comprehensive marketing and advertising  plan for generating franchise sales leads. This plan, based on an understanding of the Client’s expansion goals and the profile of the target franchise owner, will recommend specific marketing activities and will include appropriate creative materials that can be utilized in the franchise sales campaign.

The Marketing Plan will incorporate specific media suggestions, a budget for the campaign, and a timetable for implementation. It will also contain useful information on topics such as legal constraints on franchise marketing, how to obtain publicity, and whether to conduct seminars and participate in trade shows.


GMN Franchise Consultancy will develop franchise kits that are designed to showcase and describe the client’s franchise in a creative and fun manner which aims at building enthusiasm from potential franchisees. The kit will describe in detail the unique selling points and value proposition of the franchise concept, the benefits of the franchise program and the market for it’s potential product and services.

Let our team of franchise sales experts and marketing strategists help you increase your franchise sales.