Methods that bring success.

GMN Franchise Consuntancy has developed strategies and methodologies have been proven to bring success to our clients.


Ways to improve your franchise


GMN Franchise Consultancy offers training classes that aim at educating franchisors about the correct steps and marketing tools needed for a franchise to become successful.

Franchisors will be thought ways of identifying the ideal and most appropriate type of buyer for their franchise, proven methods to building a strong brand and increasing existing brand strength through internet marketing and Google Analytics, the thought process of an in-depth marketing plan and the ways to increase online presence through the use of social media.

We’ll even cover when, where and how to market your franchise in print, the internet and at trade shows.


Our experts at GMN Franchise Consultancy are specialised in the field of franchise development. We’ll help develop and grow new franchises, rework existing franchises and even convert company owned operations into franchises. GMN Franchise Consultancy has had extensive experience across a wide variety of industries.

Franchise development includes the designing of a franchise strategy for expansion, legal documents, an operations guide, marketing materials and a support system to manage franchisees. We assign dedicated members of our team to assist clients to help create materials and oversee the franchise sales. 


GMN Franchise Consultancy generally conducts personalised face-to-face meetings that provide clients with the opportunity to obtain impartial evaluation of their business and its adequacy, readiness and potential for a franchising program from a expert with strong business experience and exceptional knowledge in franchising.


As business owners and business executives exploring franchising as an expansionary strategy, all clients and potential clients of GMN Franchise Consultancy are encouraged to visit our headquarters in Singapore.

We’ll provide guided tours through all of our specialised departments; meet our staff and review franchise and legal documents needed in an effective franchise.


GMN Franchise Consultancy exists as an extension of our clients team which provides in-house sales training to new and existing franchisors. Clients are taught by experienced sales experts on sales tactics to create more franchise sales.

On top of this, we also conduct management training courses that aim at educating our clients on the intricacies of operating and managing a growing franchise business.



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