Planning for the right kind of franchise.

Our detailed franchise plans set the foundation for future success.

Franchise Structure


GMN Franchise Consultancy will make recommendations relating to the critical business decisions that become the foundation of the franchise program and that are incorporated into the legal, operations, and marketing documents and strategies. These issues include policy formulation, market potential, speed of expansion, the franchise structure best suited to the client’s situation, and current company resources available to meet franchise goals.


At GMN Franchise Consultancy, we’ll identify essential characteristics in potential franchisees which are essential to the success of a franchise program. Qualifications such as prior experience, financial resources and business skills will be assessed based on the needs of our clients and our knowledge of the franchise market space.


We’ll identify the type and scope of services that clients should provide to franchisees, which include initial training, supervisory visits, site selection, and marketing support. This way, there’ll be a comprehensive support program can be planned and the cost of that program anticipated.


Depending on the nature of a client’s business, competitions and other factors, GMN Franchise Consultancy will recommend for the franchisee’s needs of an exclusive territory and degree of exclusivity.

If it does, GMN Franchise Consultancy will analyse available geographical and demographical data from the client’s existing business and prioritise criteria such as population, competition, income levels, size of the market needed to support a franchise, industrial base, business base. 


Franchisors may offer different types of franchises ranging from, individual, multi-unit, sub-franchises or all a combination of the three. The decision of which franchise type to choose boils down to factors such as unit investment, complexity of operation, cost and nature of support programs, and corporate expansion goals.

On top of this, franchisors may choose to offer start-up or conversion franchises that complement existing businesses. We’ll recommend the right franchise program designed to meet the needs of our clients

Planning of Revenue Sources


Franchising fees will be determined through analysing various business factors such as the marketability of the franchise at various price points, competition from other business opportunities available to potential buyers, and the cash flow produced by the business.

The recommended initial franchise fee will be structured in light of factors such as selling expenses, advertising, commissions, training and market needs.


Royalties for the usage of the client’s business will be recommended after a review of the needs of the franchisees and current industry practices. They’ll be based on requirements needed to maintain adequate corporate cash flow, to support general costs, franchise services and provide income for the continual operation of the franchise. But most importantly, royalties must be affordable to franchisees.


Franchisors that derive income from other sources such as, product sales and services, leasing of assets and property may require advice from GMN Franchise Consultancy to determine if such sources are appropriate and practical. 


GMN Franchise will conduct analysis of your existing business and assign team members to the client’s franchise project who will review critical decisions and weight the impact of these decisions on key aspects of the franchise program.

GMN Franchise Consultancy will complete detailed estimations and financial projections which contain an in-depth analysis of 5-year cash flow analysis of operations and the franchisor organisation. GMN Franchise Consultancy will make recommendations to the business in the franchise business plan which will provide key franchise business decisions, assumptions and projections needed to set short and long term goals.